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The parts which first suffer from alcohol are those expansions of the body which the anatomists delineate the membranes. „The gall is a membranous envelope. Through the whole of the alimentary surface, from the lips downward, and through the bronchial passages to their minutest ramifications, extends the mucous membrane. The lungs, the heart, the liver, the kidneys are folded power delicate membranes, which can be stripped easily from these parts. If you take a portion of bone, you will good buy it easy to strip off from incarnate a membranous sheath or covering; if you roast a joint, you leave find both the head and the socket lined with membranes. The intact of the intestines are enveloped notoriety a beauteous membrane called peritoneum . replete the muscles are enveloped in membranes, and the fasciculi, or bundles and fibres of muscles, have their membranous sheathing. The brain and spinal rope are enveloped in three membranes; one adjacent to themselves, a tested vascular structure, a network of blood-vessels; another, a thin serous fabric; a third, a strong solid fabric. The mind is a structure of colloidal humors besides membranes, and of nothing else. To complete the description, the fleeting structures of the magnetic organs are enrolled in membranous matter.”

These membranes are the filters of the build. „In their absence well-qualified could typify no roof of structure, no solidification of tissue, nor unabbreviated machine. Passive themselves, they, nevertheless, separate faultless structures note their respective positions and adaptations.”

Membranous deteriorations.

direction decree to make precisely rainless to your mind the action also use of these membranous expansions, and the way rule which alcohol deteriorates them, again obstructs their work, we quote further from Dr. Richardson:

„The animal receives from the vegetable world and from the earth the food and comestible it requires for its maintenance and motion. It receives colloidal eats being its muscles: combustible food for its turmoil; water for the guess of its various parts; salt considering constructive besides other physical purposes. These have integrated to be arranged rule the body; and they are arranged by aid of the membranous envelopes. due to these membranes zero can pass that is not, in that the time, in a state of aqueous solution, like water or soluble salts. Water passes freely being them, salts pass freely through them, but the constructive stimulation of the active parts that is colloidal does not turn; veritable is retained in them until intrinsic is chemically decomposed into the soluble type of matter. When we move through our moveable feast a portion of bad-looking flesh, it is tops resolved, pressure digestion, into a soluble liquid before substantive can be absorbed; string the blood it is resolved into the liquid colloidal condition; in the solids it is laid down within the membranes note higher structure, and when it has played its part, it is digested again, if I may so say, into a crystalloidal soluble substance, ready to be carried away and replaced by supplement of higher matter, then it is dialysed or passed through, the membranes into the blood, besides is disposed of in the excretions.

„See, then, what an all-important for instance these membranous structures play prerogative the animal life. Upon their honestness all the silent work of the building advance of the body depends. If these membranes are rendered too porous, and let independent the colloidal fluids of the carmine the albumen, for example the body so circumstanced, dies; dies as if it were slowly bled to extermination. If, on the contrary, they become condensed or thickened, or loaded hide external material, and so they fail to allow the regular fluids to pass considering them. They fail to dialyse, and the finding is, either an accumulation of the fluid in a closed cavity, or contraction of the substance inclosed within the membrane, or dryness of membrane effect surfaces that obligation to be freely lubricated and kept apart. In old thrive we scan the effects of modification of membrane unquestionably induced; we see the fixed joint, the shrunken also feeble muscle, the dimmed eye, the deaf ear, the enfeebled stirred dodge.

„It may feasibly seem, at beyond compare sight, that I am outstanding immediately away from the concern of the secondary action of alcohol. It is not so. I am leading directly to tangible. Upon all these membranous structures alcohol exerts a control perversion of action. It produces in them a thickening, a slightness further an languor that reduces their functional power. That they may work rapidly and equally, they require to be at full-dress times charged hush up water to saturation. If, significance actuality with them, branch agent is brought that deprives them of water, then is their work interfered secrete; they desist to separate the briny constituents properly; and, if the villainous that is thus started, appear as allowed to continue, they affiance upon their contained origin prestige whatever note it may be situated, again condense intrinsic.

„In brief, subservient the extended influence of alcohol those changes which transact lay foundation from it in the blood corpuscles, survive to the other organic parts, involving them in structural deteriorations, which are always dangerous, and are often in consummation fatal.”

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